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Fitted Wardrobes in the Alcove

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Alcove units offer a classic symmetry in many British homes. Build in cupboards in alcove make a fantastic addition to your home and create magnificent living room storage. But because every alcove is different you may find it difficult to buy furniture for this space. Standard wardrobes will leave a lot of space wasted in the alcove. Thus, in this case a bespoke solution works best. We pride ourselves on creating storage solutions that look great and meet your individual needs.

Unique Organization Inside

Because of the unusual design of the room, all furniture should be selected carefully. Since each alcove is individual in structure and common furniture objects are not suitable for everyone, it is reasonable to make all the elements made to order. This will also mean that you will be able to plan the shelving space to specifically fit your personal needs. You can make as many shelves for your video games or valuable items or allocate more space for hanging your clothes if that is what essential for you.

Enhance Personality of Your Space

The custom-made shelving will add charm to your interior and will surely capture anyone’s attention. Moreover, exclusive furniture has characterized its owner as a person with a sense of style and taste for as long as we remember. It is always flattering to realize that only you have such an interior and no one else. With fitted cupboards and shelves in your alcove, your house or apartment will become original and special. It will become the object of admiration of your guests and will please you and give you a feeling of real satisfaction.

One Step Closer to Perfection

If you want to install a wardrobe in a partition or a niche of a non-standard shape or size, but you cannot find the right one, then do not worry. We can create furniture with a variety of layouts and shapes, build it in the most uncomfortable corner or a niche in the wall – there is no challenge we cannot handle! We will make sure that this furniture will look great in your interior, use every inch wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, and most importantly, will be comfortable and convenient to use.

Compliment Your Interior

Bespoke cupboards and shelves

When ordering a bespoke wardrobe for your alcove you can ensure that it is a perfect fit for your room style and layout, which you cannot usually do with ordinary furniture. From the custom colour to a material and design that looks best in your space, fitted wardrobe in the alcove will leave you completely satisfied with the overall look of the space. The fitter wardrobe can become a centre piece of your rooms and stand out or, if desired, instead blend in with a colour that compliments your room. You will be able to enjoy your new fitted wardrobe in the alcove with floating shelves and cupboards made to match your taste and create an attractive, yet functional appearance.

wardrobes in the alcove

Wardrobe in the alcove

Alcove Wardrobes

Alcove wardrobes

wardrobes in the alcove

wardrobes in the alcove

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