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Do you follow fashion trends, adding to your collection of fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories every season? Then, you definitely need a dressing room that would fit all the abundance of your fashionable purchases. There is no such or the one you have is not functional? Then a bespoke dressing room furniture is your solution! Your dressing room will surely become a favourite place in your house!

Organized Dressing Room

For the perfect stylish and organized look, order a custom-made dressing room. Your favourite shoe collection can become the centrepiece of your dressing room and shelves will provide an easy access to all of your bags. Accessories - belts, gloves, scarves, ties, shawls, etc. will be neatly grouped in their respective drawers or hung in a special spot. But you might not have a collection of bags and shoes and just want all your clothes to be properly organized and stored. That is why a bespoke dressing room is a perfect choice and we will take into an account everything you need to have in your dressing room.

Custom Dressing Room Layout

When designing a dressing room, you need to think in advance how the storage system will be planned and discuss this layout with our project designers or ask them to help you make the best plan according to your needs. For example, it will be convenient if you make separate compartments for casual, elegant and outerwear, and separately - shelves for things that you use infrequently. Create a designated hanging place for skirts and trousers and another - for shirts and blouses. When making a dressing room to order, do not forget about the availability of shelves for storing bed linen. It is also very convenient if there is a place for retractable iron board in the dressing room, so it is always at hand when you need it.

Contact professional designers

It is easy to order a dressing room from professional designers! To get exactly the model that you have in mind, you need to contact the professionals in this field and this is where we are here to help you. All you need to do is just to give us a call and we will work out a perfect plan for your dressing room and your budget. We give a 10-year guarantee on our furniture because we use high quality materials for all our furniture, which is made and assembled by professionals with 25 years of experience.

Tailor the space to fit your style

Having your own private space to get ready and to store your clothes and other belonging will ensure that you wake up each morning with a happy mood. From choosing colours, materials, and other important elements to creating a functional and stylish furniture and storage system in your dressing room, our team is here to help you and provide you with options and ideas. Our project designers will create best layout for your space and all your requirements will be discussed. The final finishing touches will help to bring your whole design together and bring harmony in your dressing room.

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Dressing room

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Dressing room

Dressing room

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