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Bespoke Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

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For many years it was believed that the wardrobes, by default, should be with hinged doors. However, in recent years, the market is rapidly conquered by wardrobes with sliding doors. Our wardrobes with sliding doors feature a variety of design options and are designed for versatile applications. A modern house is the house where you can easily feel the spirit of elegance and be ready for every single day challenges. Thanks to its custom-made design, the wardrobe with sliding doors brings the harmony, pleasure and comfort into your life.

Guaranteed Quality Production

The process of manufacturing wardrobes with sliding doors combines creativity, quality materials and advanced special production technologies. This means that your wardrobe will look beautiful and will be comfortable to use for many years to come. A wardrobe with sliding doors will preserve its appearance and functionality for much longer than a regular wardrobe.

Original Interior

Nowadays, sliding doors open up wide possibilities for interior design and a variety of colours and textures allows you to fully use your imagination in order to design the wardrobe and interior of your dreams. However, only in a few cases it is possible to find an option that would harmoniously and precisely fits your allocated space and interior. Therefore, it is better to not waste time searching for one in the stores and instead order a wardrobe with sliding doors that is a perfect fit. Our bespoke wardrobes with sliding doors are tailored to your exact and individual needs and desires. They are an excellent choice for any room, be it a bedroom, hallway, living room, children’s rooms or an office.

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

Save Space

In the wardrobe, away from other people's eyes, we store clothes, shoes, books and many other things and trifles. Recently, cabinets with sliding doors are increasingly popular, and not without a reason. Sliding doors not only look more attractive and aesthetically pleasing than regular swing doors, but also save space and do not require extra space to open the doors.

Offer Better Functionality

Sliding doors provide greater functionality in the design of the space, as well as the possibility of creating an original interior. In addition, sliding doors, unlike swing doors, do not occupy additional space in the room, which makes the closet an ideal option for small rooms. Such cabinets are perfectly installed in niches and attics. In addition, a special protection is installed in such wardrobes, which make doors glide smoothly and quietly instead of slamming shut.

Versatile Uses

Bespoke Wardrobes with Sliding Doors are excellent for both large houses and small apartments, where they will be especially useful, since they do not occupy too much space. Also, they can be installed in almost all rooms: an entrance hall, a bedroom, a nursery and a living room. Moreover, these wardrobes look great both in a modern interior and more classic.

Sliding door

Sliding door

Sliding door

Sliding door

Sliding door

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