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Storage Solutions Under the Stairs

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The most important thing in any home is space! The world is becoming more and more filled with stuff. This also affected our homes, which is why designers and architects, while creating modern interiors, are concerned with using every inch of space with benefit. Extra storage solution should only help to create comfort in the house. Thus, few homeowners have not thought about how unwisely the space under the stairs is often used.

Ergonomic Storage Space

If you decide to build several shelves under the stairs, remember that they do not necessarily need to be hidden in any way. On the other hand, you can exhibit your collection or items of particular pride. By combining different shelves in size and shape, by making them lit with modern lamps, you can not only effectively use this space, but also create it to give you aesthetic pleasure. Shelves, designed under the stairs, can be a real decoration of the interior.

Custom-made Storage Solutions

The best way to design a storage space under the stairs in your home is to come up with a solution that best suits location, shape and size of your particular space. There is just no one plan for everyone, it all depends on the configuration of the flight of stairs, the functional features that you invest in this object, the materials you are going to use, the furniture, the surrounding space, and much more. Thus, the best way to wisely and functionally use the space under the stairs is to order furniture that will be made specifically for you.

Endless possibilities

Traditionally, the spot under the stairs is crammed with old coats and things that no one uses anymore. But, the functional potential of this unused space under the stairs is endless and you can organize a perfect storage system. Shelves and other storage system under staircase are the best tricks to use the area underneath. It can be used as a storage or as a working area, library or hidden coat closet. There are so many clever ways storage can be integrated with stairs: under, over and even inside. Even under a small staircase flight, there is plenty space for shelves.

Use creative thinking

There are so many options for creating the best storage space under the stairs. It is a wonderful place for storing wine bottles, a perfect reading corner with built-in bookshelves or built-in cupboards or shelves for other items you would like to have a place for. You can even create a perfect work place under the stairs with built-in shelves and desk or an entertainment place. Alternatively, if you need a storage space for items that you would rather keep out of sight, such as out of season clothing or using it as a pantry or even a place for a washer and dryer, then we can create built-in wardrobe with shelves and slide-out drawers designed to fit your needs and requirements. With custom made furniture, your imagination is the only limit.

Storage under the stairs

Storage under the stairs

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